Dr. Charles Moss, M.D., Patient Reviews and Testimonials

I entrust my health care issues to Dr. Charles Moss and his professional staff. I appreciate that Dr. Moss is medically-trained and values holistic interventions. I always feel welcome and valued as a patient when I go there. -P.C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Moss’ for several decades and can’t believe my good fortune to have found him and have him track my health. He has always been ahead of the curve in discovering emerging medical care and treatments. Without his inquiries, I never would have discovered toxic levels of lead and mercury in my system, I know that he will be the contributing factor in helping me continue to live an active life, free of the medical issues that crippled my parents.

After struggling for years with weight issues and failed diets, Dr. Moss’ staff has helped me implement an eating regime that is now a way of life for me. I didn’t believe it would work, because they thought I hadn’t been eating enough. I actually have to work at eating all the food they recommend. I’ve lost 30 pounds so far, but equally rewarding is that I’m not constantly hungry nor do I have periods of exhaustion throughout the day; something I had grown to believe was normal.

Part of my treatment required the administration of intravenous medications and supplements that could conveniently be administered at the offices of Dr. Moss’ Center for Integrative Medicine. During these sessions, I could sense the heartbeat of the office witnessing how the entire staff is competent, caring and treated each patient as though they were family. Not only have I experienced results well beyond what I had expected in terms of my health, but with the gentle touch of the staff, I have fully overcome my fear of needles.

Out of nowhere, I woke up in great pain, unable to move my head in any direction or to swallow. I was afraid to go to the emergency room or to have anyone touch me, except Dr. Moss, who has been my physician for many years. One acupuncture treatment, which was a treatment new to me, immediately relieved my problem. Follow-up acupuncture and neuromuscular massage- performed at the Moss Center offices, as well as a full evaluation of my health to determine appropriate supplements, has fully cured my condition and prevented further issues. I believe I would still be suffering, had it not been for the type of alternative care delivered by Dr. Moss. -T.H.

The most important thing I can say about the FLT program is that it works – it truly works. My lab results were not very good – high cholesterol, my CRP level continually went up as did my weight. In order to combat the weight gain, I would eat less, which resulted in gaining more weight. This program is incredibly easy to follow-anyone can do it and succeed.

My biggest challenges were at the beginning- eating as often as the program requires and eating the amount of food it requires. However, these challenges were not difficult to overcome. The FLT program offers plenty of food and food choices. I never once felt hungry.

In the first 3 months of following the program, I lost about 20 pounds and my lab work improved greatly. I highly recommend this program for anyone and certainly anyone in the same situation as I was in: not able to lose weight, lab work that was definitely heading towards serious ailments. The most unselfish act you can do is to take care of your self. So if you need help, here’s help – all you have to do is follow this program and you will succeed. -D.B

Acupuncture restores my energy and also calmness. I now participate in life instead of dragging along watching everyone else. -M.H

I came to the Moss Center for Integrative Medicine to deal with energy, weight (low), metabolism, sleep, and stress issues. I’ve found acupuncture to leave me in a very relaxed state. The first, and longest, session put me into a very deeply relaxed mode. I’ve found it helpful to do belly breathing and relaxation techniques while getting the treatments. A nice feature of acupuncture at the Moss Center is you have access to an MD at the same time. -B.B

Post an acute viral illness I experienced debilitating chronic fatigue, had elevated liver enzymes with enlarged liver and chronic sciatica. The 12 years following, I was referred to several physicians searching for a diagnosis and treatment…to no avail.

I was looking for diagnosis and relief so I went to Stanford University Liver Clinic and was diagnosed with “post-viral chronic fatigue and sciatica.” No treatment other that to pace my activity and rest as my energy level dictated. My lifestyle continued to be controlled by indescribable fatigue and exhaustion.

Fortunately (for me), we moved to San Diego and through the National Chronic Fatigue Organization (local chapter), I found Dr. Charles Moss. Had I known he practiced acupuncture, I’d not have made an appointment with him…due to my total ignorance of acupuncture.

I felt a sense of relief (not a cure) of symptoms with the first acupuncture treatment. During these past 16 years of ongoing acupuncture treatments and management of my health by Dr. Moss, I have a healthy, fulfilling and enriched life. Not cured, but definitely well managed!

I am definitely a “Poster Patient of Acupuncture.” -F.H

This is the first time I have ever used acupuncture. I am amazed at the results. I was suffering with daily fatigue and started feeling much better after several treatments. I no longer have to take naps. I get up and go to bed at the same time as always, but the slump during the day is gone. It feels amazing to be alert and function at a higher level. I am sold on this treatment. -K.M

The LDA treatment has made a noticeably positive impact on how I feel physically. I used to have debilitating stomach pain and excruciating headaches. The LDS has reduced the severity and frequency of both these symptoms. I feel better all around. -A.F